Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quick Fire Q&A with Author, Stephann Ibrahim!

Its time for one of our favorite segments! Enjoy getting to know author, Stephan Ibrahim in this Quick Fire Q&A.

Coffee or tea?


Favorite actor?

Jake Gyllenhaal

If you had the choice between unlimited airline miles or a lifetime of free meals at your favorite restaurant, which would you choose?

Lifetime of free meals at Chipotle

What famous person would you love to meet?

Payton Manning

Favorite book, and why?
Harry Potter (Book 1). It's the book that I grew up with. I first read it when I was 10 and its one of the few best selling books that was not only well written but also completely original. From the plot to the characters to the world JK Rowling created. I could read it over and over again!

Check out Stephann Ibrahim's books!

Hearts of Larceny

Jordan Thatcher is a man eater. According to Detective Angelo she is not only a man-eater but also a serial killer leading her male acquaintances to horrifyingly gruesome endings and leaving their bodies at the scene literally heartless.This rookie Detective is determined to prove her guilt, but there's a few kinks in his case. All of the evidence is circumstantial and his interrogation with the elusive Jordan Thatcher has Detective Angelo second guessing his investigation. With Jordan's agreement to provide information regarding the victims as well as her involvement in crimes of a lesser degree can the rookie detective solve the case of Highland Massacres? Will he find the evidence he needs to put perp behind bars? Most importantly, will Jordan's corporation not only lead Detective Angelo to another prime suspect but also to the missing hearts of the victims? This twistical dark story will take readers on mentally thrilling ride

A short collection of 29 poems with a coming of age theme dedicated to the young and old. This collection contains a modern day use of diction and creates and easy enjoyable read. I Used To Believe In Fairy Tales began in 2003, it has been derived from journal entries that were initially written as songs. Throughout the last eleven years these songs have evolved into a collection of personal thoughts from an adolescent to a young adult who has progressed into womanhood. It is meant to capture the expectations we inflict upon ourselves and the truth we learn from life experiences.

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