Thursday, October 2, 2014

Introducing Author, Stephann Ibrahim! **Author Feature**

Introducing Author, Stephann Ibrahim! **Author Feature**

Stephann Ibrahim is a writer of many genres including mystery, romance, fantasy, and children’s literature. At the young age of five she knew that writing would be her calling. After ghost writing for several small publications and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she decided to follow her dream of writing novels and novellas. Her goal is to captivate the mind of readers and allow them to get lost in another world just by reading. It has been a long term aspiration for Stephann to give readers the same wonderful reading experience she received not only as a child but also as an adult. She believes that everyone needs a mental escape even if it is just for a few hours. When’s she not substitute teaching, she spends her days writing. Stephann currently resides in Maryland with her husband.

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Jordan Thatcher is a man eater. According to Detective Angelo she is not only a man-eater but also a serial killer leading her male acquaintances to horrifyingly gruesome endings and leaving their bodies at the scene literally heartless.This rookie Detective is determined to prove her guilt, but there's a few kinks in his case. All of the evidence is circumstantial and his interrogation with the elusive Jordan Thatcher has Detective Angelo second guessing his investigation. With Jordan's agreement to provide information regarding the victims as well as her involvement in crimes of a lesser degree can the rookie detective solve the case of Highland Massacres? Will he find the evidence he needs to put perp behind bars? Most importantly, will Jordan's corporation not only lead Detective Angelo to another prime suspect but also to the missing hearts of the victims? This twistical dark story will take readers on mentally thrilling ride

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