Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quick Fire Q&A With Author, Adam Dreece!

A Quick Fire Q&A with Adam Dreece, the author of The Yellow Hoods.

1.    Coffee or tea? 

TEA! I can't stand the taste of coffee, and often I can't take the smell.

2.    Which super hero do you relate to, and why? 

Hmm, Iron Man or Spiderman, it's a toss up depending on the version.

3.    If you could travel to space and colonize a new planet, what is the one thing that you would bring with you? 

Something to write with! 

4.    Favorite actor? Which actor would you choose to play one of the characters from The Yellow Hoods? 

Patrick Stewart & Nathan Fillian are probably my favorite actor. It's a toss up for me as to who would make a better Nikolas Klaus, between him and Stanley Tucci. I'd love to have Malcolm MacDowell as Marcus Pieman.

5.    Would you prefer The Yellow Hoods to be a blockbuster movie, or an ongoing TV series? Why? 

TV Series because I think it would work better for the more subtle elements, that given the nature of the world, would allow for the exploration. If you think of a blockbuster movie, that requires a single peak and fall, usually. While the books could definitely work as a movie series, I'd prefer to see it more accessible to people as a high caliber TV series.
Check out Adam's emergent SteamPunk series for young adults layered for the mature reader for full enjoyment. It draws inspiration, and provides some subtext, by incorporating elements of classical tales. 

Book 1 – Along Came a Wolf

Seeds of a technological revolution have started to sprout in this old world, about to change it forever. A secret society, long thought crushed, makes its first move against its unsuspecting benevolent opponent.

Master inventor Nikolas Klaus has seen some of this coming, and has quietly broken the rule of keeping his secret society’s knowledge and skills from the younger generations. He knows that the day will come when they will be needed, but has underestimated how soon.

Tee, Elly and Richy shed their innocence and are forced to stand as the Yellow Hoods to overcome life-threatening dangers, unleashed as secrets of Nikolas’ past are revealed.

Will Nikolas’ secrets cost him the life of his granddaughter? Are his efforts too little, too late?

Free 3 Chapter Sample: ePub   PDF
Official Site: The Yellow site for the full description and details.
Current rating: 4.5+/5 at (as of August 2014)


Book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail

In an act of desperation, inventor Maxwell Watt entrusts his son to secretly deliver plans for his completed steam engine to Nikolas Klaus, a master inventor in another kingdom. When the Fare, the nefarious secret society, learns the game-changing invention’s plans are en route, they accelerate their own scheme to neutralize Klaus on their path to reclaiming long-lost control over kingdoms.
Meanwhile, after a decade of relative tranquility in Mineau, local children have started to go missing—again. Captain Archambault suspects the return of the disturbing and depraved Ginger Lady. With the help of Tee, Elly, and Richy—the Yellow Hoods—the search is on to find the missing children before it is too late.
What is the secret that ties one of the Yellow Hoods to the Ginger Lady?
Who are the Red Hoods?
Enjoy this darker, edgier instalment in the exciting emergent SteamPunk adventure series.
Free 3 Chapter Sample: ePub  PDF
Official site: The Yellow site for the full description and details.
Current rating:


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