Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fire and Ice: Seasons of the Vampire - Review

Fire and Ice: Seasons of the Vampire 1
Maya DeLeina
Book Review

The Book Nymph

4 out of 5 stars

Fire and Ice: Seasons of the Vampire 1 is the gripping tale of Noel, a vibrant young woman, and Grayson, a sexy mysterious vampire that she encounters after a dangerous accident one winter.
Noel is on the quest for solitude one fateful Christmas holiday. She has a cabin reserved in the woods, where she plans to spend her time free from civilization. With snow falling in smothering sheets, she takes a perilous turn off the highway, where she plummets to what seems to be her end. A ray of hope arrives in the form of a mysterious man that rescues her from her car, and carries her off to safety.
In his cabin, Grayson cares for her and nurses her back to her usual vibrancy. Though mysterious, she finds him attractive in ways she has never experienced. It does not take long for sparks to fly. Noel is drawn to him within hours. With this, the readers finds that our protagonist is far from shy and reserved. She seeks to seduce him, bend him to her desires. Perhaps it is his vampiric allure. We cannot be sure of what attributes to this almost unnatural instant attraction.
If your scruples aren’t disturbed by this, you will be captivated by their chemistry and subsequent erotic endeavors. Bear in mind that Fire and Ice is a paranormal romance with a heavy erotic undertone.
Noel and Grayson seem to be a compatible match, and yet their heart-warming romance comes to an abrupt end. They enjoy one another’s body, and company, and yet their time ends when Grayson vanishes, leaving her well off with her car intact and bags packed.
This ends the story of Noel and Grayson. Or so it seems. She learns of his vampire nature, and misses him dearly, and hopes that they will meet once again.
A new man enters Noel’s life, and the reader will easily miss this unless they read both the prologue and epilogue of the story. Noel falls for and marries a man named Dante, a once business partner of Grayson’s that dies shortly after their marriage.
Poor Noel seems destined to be alone.

It is the second half of the book, where Noel and her best friend, Suzanne take a trip to Key West to find closure for her loss. This turn of events reveals new revelations, intriguing new characters, and mysteries that will leave the character thirsting for more.


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