Sunday, November 30, 2014

Resolve and Retribution **Review**

Resolve and Retribution

Michael Holman

Book Review

By, The Book Nymph
5 out of 5 stars

An incredible debut novel by an author that is sure to make waves in the paranormal world.

Resolve and Retribution centers around Ben Hammonds, a young man from a small town in Oregon that is about to discover an entirely new world that is both dangerous and exciting.
While life once consisted of running and training as a long distance runner, and spending time with his loving family, now becomes one of incredible revelations of his lineage and the vampire woman that he loves.

Tabitha, the vampire that saved his life and vanished without a trace, leaving his memory of her in pieces, finally returns to protect him and tell him the truth. The reader learns about Tabitha's past, how her mother turned her into a vampire after being bitten by the very man that she was engaged to marry. We learn this just as Tabitha and Ben do, and find that they are locked in a centuries old war between the immortal race of vampires.

Action packed and gripping from the first page to the last, Resolve and Retribution is one of those novels that you will find yourself unable to put down. The suspense drips from each line, and each twist and turn not only showcases the author's creativity, but his skill for crafting a plot that is unlike many of the vampire fiction you might find today.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of this story is the dialogue. It is crisp, edgy, and doesn't come off as contrived. The way the characters speak to one another is as real as it gets.

Resolve and Retribution is a well-written story with fascinating characters that is sure to delight anyone that enjoys the paranormal, history, and an all around action-packed book.

Resolve and Retribution

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