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A Quick Fire Q&A with Author, Mel Massey!

A Quick Fire Q&A 

with Author, Mel Massey!

1. Coffee or tea?
Although it sounds fancy to drink tea, I'm a die hard coffee girl. I love my Keurig with a passion that boarders on inappropriate. The only tea I drink is a Dream Tea from one of my favorite Magickal Witch shoppes, Scarlet's Cauldron. Helps you have awesome dreams.

2. Favorite music to listen to when writing?
Well, that depends on what I'm writing. I always listen to Pandora radio but change stations depending on which character I'm writing about. A lot of Kesha for when I'm writing Mela, Classical music for basic story writing, and Skrillex for fight scenes. Funny thing is, I edit to rap music. Something about the rhythm that helps me focus on technical writing. 

3. Best source of inspiration for your books?
My being a practicing Pagan really helped shape the world Mela lives in. Starting with the spelling of the word 'magick'. It is an old spelling used to separate illusion (magic) from power (magick). Weaving my collegiate anthropological studies with my own practices of the craft helped firmly define her world.  That is an important step when writing magickal fantasy - defining the laws of the world and never breaking them. It helps the reader accept the impossible if there are certain "rules" for the main character and the world she lives in.  Having those perimeters set before writing helped shape her story and toss all of those road blocks in her way. Then I turned to a wide range of mythos to pepper in along the way. Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Voodoo, Witchcraft, even Christianity have a place in the series. 

4. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be, and why?
I have two that I would love to meet for completely different reasons. First, I would love to sit and have a beer with Bill Maher.  He's a funny man, sure, but he's one of the most intelligent television personalities. I love his bravery about politics and our country's issues.  I may not agree with him 100% all of the time but I admire him greatly.  The second would have to be Rory McCann (if you don't know who he is, Google him.) That man is just a huge slice of Scottish beefcake. Sure, I'd have a beer with him as well but I think I'd spend the evening swooning. And if you know me at all - I don't swoon for just anyone.

5. Favorite snack when writing or reading?
It used to be the tiny marshmallows but they're nothing but sugar so I had to stop. I can't eat while I'm writing but while I read I like saltand vinegar chips. Delicious with a beer!

Author bio:

Mel Massey is a native Texan but has called California, Florida, Missouri, and Washington State home. Mel went to college in California and studied Cultural Anthropology where her field of study had a huge impact on the creation of the Earth's Magick series. Mel is also politically active and a (sometimes loud) supporter for equal rights, non-GMO products, animal rights, and against obnoxious politicians.
Mel can be found tweeting nonsense or having hilarious discussions with readers on Facebook. Occasionally, she leaves those particular vices and writes about magick, witches, monsters and all the lovely dark things lurking in the shadows.

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Earth’s Magick, Book 2 ~Water~

Mela's story continues in the second book in the Earth's Magick series.

Mela Malone is one of the most powerful Witches in Texas. While learning how to defeat Evil using magick, and a sword, the unexpected departure of two of her closest friends disrupts the balance of her world. Meanwhile, a new threat comes to Trinity Hills, Texas that puts even the innocent townspeople in danger. Mela must step up and defend, not only those she loves, but the entire town. Both old and new friends bring additional complications into her chaotic life...especially since one of them is a handsome Witch on a mission of his own.


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