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In Depth Look At Author, Timothy Baker


Memories are powerful and creating a memoir that allows readers to relive these moments with you quite compelling. Allowing readers to understand his early years, the pride he took in helping his father on his farm and knowing that he made a difference envelopes readers from the start as we visit his farm, help him plant the sweet corn and the soybeans, learn about his ability to drive a tractor and find his way to making a difference. Throughout the memoir you hear the voice of the author explain his actions, relate his missteps and hopefully help others. Getting his driver’s license, totally his car and even using drugs, led Timothy down many paths and not everyone in the right direction. Hoping to help others, not making excuses for his inactions or actions, author Timothy Louis Baker hits the reader hard with the facts that will make you wonder just how he managed to survive.

Explaining to readers life on a farm, how it operates each year was quite interesting. Finding his way to help his parents and yet having fun with his friends proved that within his heart and spirit he was a good and kind person and although he states that he missed much of the last two years of his high school classes, some things that he learned in order to survive and help on the farm come from hands on experience and cannot always be learned in the classroom, although school is important and an education invaluable.

Using hard drugs, smoking marijuana and really enjoying the high and the scent, finding that he needed harder drugs such as cocaine, LSD and crystal meth, makes you wonder how his body was able to tolerate so much without crying for help. Hitchhiking through many states, meeting some interesting people and placing himself in tenuous situations that most would find difficult to deal with and others might even cower, Timothy seemed able to weather many storms. Getting in trouble with the law for stealing, robbing, drive by shooting and using drugs did not seem to deter him from continuing his spree of dangerous actions that might lead to more serious charges. Stealing gas, his father’s motorcycle, placing himself in dangerous situations while driving, something kept his going in this direction. It was almost as if he was trying to see how far he could go before someone finally stopped him or took an interest in him and curbed his appetite for drugs and joints.

Working in a circus, describing his jobs, breaking into buildings and a candy shack to get the things needed to smoke pot, led him with a buddy back to court, more warrants for his arrest and even a longer list for his friend. You might say his life always on the run and he seemed to be acting like a daredevil hoping to not get caught or maybe he hoped someone would finally stop him.

Every step of the way it seemed that Timothy was trying to find his place in this world, understand and analyze the events both positive and negative that were happening to him and at several times thought that the police and others were out to hurt him. Not sure of the outcomes at times and certain situations that you will read about led the author to feel that he had either some psychic connection that helped him to forestall events that were about to unfold and prevent them from happening or a keen sixth sense that kept him alive. At times he sounds, as this memoir is related in narrative form in the author’s own voice, that he was bent on a life filled with mystery, the unknown and hope yet at others it almost felt like he was headed for destruction. What kept him centered and focused most of the time was his loyalty to his parents, the knowledge that his father needed him on the farm to do seasonal work and his spirit of adventure and curiosity to explore the woods and other places to find out what more there is in the world and what he can learn from it. Living off the land and fending for himself gave him a strong sense of independence and freed him of the chains of confinement most have. Living by his own rules and mores at times would benefit him and at others get him in trouble with local authorities or other law enforcement figures. But, the strength within him and his drive to succeed on his own comes through in every word and page within this memoir that takes readers in all four compass directions: North, South, East and West.

The author relates his feelings about Heaven and his experiences related to heaven where there would be no floods, earthquakes or natural disasters. He even includes his paranormal experiences and feels at times that he is caught in between two time periods or as he relates a time warp. Added in her feels that there is a black warlock that has been intertwined within his thoughts, changing events and even hoping to give his own perspective on Timothy’s life. Stressing how he broke the law, went to jail many times yet did not really learn his lesson strikes an important chord for young teens to know that jail is not a fun experience, drinking and driving is dangerous plus using hard core drugs can definitely impair your mind. Homeless centers, jail cells, hitchhiking, living off the land, on the street and struggling to survive Timothy Louis Baker presents a harsh look at the realities of life when someone plays daredevil with the outcome. Within Chapter 8 you will learn more about the warlock and his demise. Marriage, a child and finally asked to work with law enforcement to take drug dealers down this is one interesting memoir told by the author in his own words giving the world the cold hard truth about his life.

The final chapters summarize his dealings with other law enforcement agencies, being in a mental hospital, his paranormal experiences, time warp experiences and much more that explains his views and experiences as he sees them. His father witnessed some of his paranormal experiences that you need to read about for yourself and form your own opinion. One thing is for sure is that Timothy carved out his life in his own way and created the incidents that happened to him by himself and he takes ownership of his choices. Read this straightforward memoir of this man’s life and take the trip from North to South, East and West and join him as he lives his life his way.

Fran Lewis

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