Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dean Giles & Write: A Step-by-Step Book!

Learn to write books the fast and easy way. Step-by-step books are the ones that people are really looking for, they have problems that need to be solved. Step-by-step books can solve those problems and break down instructions so that anyone can understand and follow them.
Think about the books that you have read. Which books make your list of all-time favorites? There will certainly be those that you loved for their entertainment value, but what about those that you read because you REALLY NEEDED the information. Weren’t the manuals, the guides, and the worksheets the most valuable of books that you picked up? Those were the books with specific and actionable STEP-BY-STEP instructions.

As an author, there is also the worry of writing books that don’t sell. This book teaches you the basics of where and how to research your book in lightening time, then how to analyze whether you book has a chance at selling a decent number of copies per month.

You can count on this book to give you a perfect checklist for writing your book, and a schedule outline that will show you how to break down the production of your book into manageable steps over a reasonable amount of time for producing multiple books to put out as your own personal catalogue of assets that will bring in streams of income each and every month.

Break it down! Simplify! Spell it out! Make it easy to follow. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a model is worth a thousand dollars. The world of nonfiction books is a world where people have difficult and vexing problems. They need real solutions to those problems, and they need someone that can show them how to solve those problems step-by-step.

I’ve read hundreds of nonfiction books. I have searched out the books looking for answers. I have found some of those books to be very entertaining, I have found others to be very informative, but the ones that have made my life easier and have changed my way of thinking were the ones with straight forward and simple instructions. These are the ones that sit on my bookshelf and that I return to again and again. They make great references, because they are, by design, compact and to the point.

Where most nonfiction books come up short is that they don’t have specific enough instructions. They are usually really good at pointing out what the problems are and what benefits you, the reader, will receive when you solve your particular problems.

I also realized that with those books, where the authors do a good job of presenting the problems and promise solutions, as a reader, I often get to a point where I am salivating—I have experienced that problem, I REALLY want the solution! However, by the end of the book, I am usually disappointed. It is true, that most books offer a solution, but rarely do they provide detailed enough instructions to really help me put the solution to work for me.

YES I KNOW: to solve my weight problems I simply have to eat fewer calories and increase exercise, to solve my money problems I simply must bring in more money and spend less, to solve my relationship problem I need to be kinder and think of others more often, to solve my career problem I need to show leadership and innovation, somehow all of that is so painfully obvious, and yet so mystifyingly illusive.

The truth is, each of us knows more than we realize. Each of us, for the most part, has a basic understanding of how things work. Sometime we DO need a better solution, but often, what we really need is a better way to implement what we already know. We need something that will entice us to work our way over the barriers, and actually put into action what we have learned.

That is where the step-by-step book comes in to play. Writing a step-by-step book solves a number of problems. For one thing, it simplifies the process for the author. For another, it makes the solution seem easier and more doable for the reader. Step-by-step instructions seem more manageable. They can be accomplished one at a time. The reader can eat the proverbial elephant, one bite at a time, and avoid the inevitable “drinking from the fire hydrant” effect of the typical overload of information that comes from most informational books…


http://austinsgift.com/author-reveals-secrets-to-getting-published-faster-and-getting-better-response.htmlDean Giles has written a number of books, a couple of which spent some time as Amazon #1 Best Sellers in their categories. He has broad experience in technical writing, project management, quality assurance, and business. He has authored certification manuals, technical information documents, bug reports, and business reports. His pet-peeve is information documents that are too technical and wordy for most audiences. He has a passion for dissecting difficult concepts and creating actionable, easy to consume, step-by-step instructions that can be carried out successfully by non-technical people.

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