Tuesday, July 29, 2014

99 Cent Sale of International Bestseller **Netherworld by Award-Winning Author, K.N. Lee** Exclusive Excerpt

What would you do if a demon threatened your mother's life? If you're like Koa, you'd sharpen your enchanted sword and go after him...
Our world is threatened by the creatures of an alternate land called the Netherworld. Koa and the Netherworld division are there to keep the vampire population in check. Koa is a powerful half-blood vampire. Her best friend is her boss, she has a cursed mother, an enchanted sword, and an attractive human pet.

Koa also has a problem. A Netherworld serial killer, with a taste for little girls, threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Koa's boss, Halston can stop him. But he knows one prisoner that can. Too bad that prison is in the Netherworld.

Is Koa ready to journey to the Netherworld to release the one creature that can break her mother's curse and protect all that she holds dear? 
**Bonus Material**
Someone has stolen classified documents from the Netherworld division's vaults. Read the secret interviews that were leaked to the press, and discover the hidden clues of Dark Prophet and Lyrinian Blade (The Chronicles of Koa #2 & #3)

Editorial Reviews:
“The Chronicles of Koa is a wonderful story full of likeable characters, a clear world, and a fun mission.” Kirstin L. Pulioff, author of The Escape of Princess Madeline
“It has a fantastic story, twists and turns throughout, and some mysteries you won't see coming. I'm looking forward to reading more of her books as she writes them. The Chronicles of Koa #2 will certainly be a day one purchase for me!”
Thomas Ray Manning, author of Energize (From the Logs of Daniel Quinn)
“The ending had me on edge. I have to say I have not read a vampire novel like this one before.”
Glenna Maynard, author of Beautiful Strangers
“The author has created an engrossing world with vampires, angels and other mythical creatures. And not just any mythical creatures, her creations were... awesome!”
Morgan Jane, author of the Sanguis City series 

Netherworld is on sale THIS WEEK ONLY, in celebration of K.N. Lee's book signing in Charlotte, North Carolina August 2nd from 1-3pm at The Last Word book store.


Exclusive Excerpt:

Strange things happened at night. Koa was aware of most of them, but the Netherworld was new to her. She knew she’d been there once before with her father, yet she couldn’t remember it. The Netherworld remained a mystery to her, and she was determined to unlock its secrets.
Koa knew she was dreaming. It was the same dream most nights, and so she let herself explore this world. She stood in a thick white mist and felt her hair flapping around her face. Drops of dew made her face slick, and her bare feet touched cool stones.
She looked up. Someone was playing a violin. She knew the tune and started to hum along. The song grew louder and yet Koa couldn’t see who played the beautiful melody. She strained to see who played from somewhere in the clouds above, and then, she saw it.
The Gate, where the nephilim were escaping the Netherworld. Koa stared at it with wide eyes. She’d never gotten this far in the dream before. Now she looked at the stone gate and felt her skin crawl with anxiety. She knew she shouldn’t be there, and yet, she felt as though it called to her.
Koa wanted to wake up. The violin was starting to play so loudly that she had to cover her ears. Koa felt weak. The Gate started to glide closer to her and she panicked. She couldn’t move. Her feet were stuck to the ground. Koa gasped and tried to pull her feet free as the Gate continued its way towards her.
Something terrible waited inside that door, and she wanted to run from it. She knew it meant her harm and felt herself sweat with terror.
Shadows, like the ones Halston had managed to control, lunged at her. They grabbed her with their frigid hands and yet her flesh burned to the bone. Koa screamed. The hot, searing, pain was unbearable and she fell to her knees. The Shadows held her steady, and she squeezed her eyes shut as they brought their faces closer to hers.
“Come with us, Koa.” They chanted. One of the Shadows leaned in close. The black face morphed into Bund’s. Bund grinned at her. His tongue reached out to her and she screamed.
Someone shook her awake.
Koa grabbed Ian by the neck and he had to peel her fingers from around his throat.
“Koa,” he gasped. He looked at her fearfully. “It’s me!”
Koa realized who he was and quickly scrambled away. She was covered in sweat. “Ian! I’m sorry.”
Ian sat up and rubbed his neck. “You’re strong!”
Koa forced a smile. “Forgive me. I was dreaming.”
He frowned but nodded. “You were screaming.”
Koa pulled her hair off her neck and grumbled at how heavy with sweat it was. She pushed herself up to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed. “What time is it?”
Ian put his hands in his pocket. He gave her a sheepish look. “I think it’s time to eat.”

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