Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Fire Q&A with Author, Lawrence BoarerPitchford

  1. Coffee or tea?
I am predominantly a coffee drinker. I not only like the taste of a rich, darkly roasted ground coffee (decaf now a days for me), but it also holds an intrinsic emotional connection for me to my late father. When I smell that brewing coffee, it transports me back to my youth, when my father would brew a pot of coffee at 4am, and sit at the breakfast table with the newspaper. Often it would be raining outside; that sort of dreary inky blackness that contains a deluge of fat over-ripe droplets.   
  1. Which actor would you chose to play you in a movie about your life?
I'm fairly sure that there would be no movie about my life made. Having said that, if it did happen, I'd like to see Ed Norton play the older me. I think he could capture the conflicted, and tortured soul that dwells within my being quite well.
  1. Favorite food?
Potato chips! They're often oily, and over salted, but I love them nonetheless. Thin cut, or the thicker type served with some battered cod all rolled up in a newspaper. Mmm... delicious!  
  1. Where did you meet your best friend?
I have several friends who have been "best friends" over the years. Each has a quality that makes me think fondly of them. three I met when I was in grade school; then two in high school; and then two in community college; three while working; and lastly one that I call my wife, whom I in a chance meeting while strolling back to my desk at work after having filled my coffee cup with, you guessed it, coffee.     
  1. What historical figure would you like to switch places with for one day?
I have an avid interest in technology and science, thus I'd love to trade places with Nikola Tesla, if only to just get a glimpse of the un-recorded experiments he was working on, and/or had already made. To have that experience would be the crescendo of a lifetime.  

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