Monday, August 18, 2014

An Interview With Author, Michael Holman

Q) Where are you from?
A) Salem, Oregon USA

Q) Why do you write?
A) Writing gives me an outlet to express the creative side of myself, which is beneath the "surface me" that's obligated to function in a predictable manner in daily life.  Writing allows that "what-if other me" to slip its harness and go bonkers for awhile via my imagination.

Q) What inspired you to write your book?
A) One DVD in my collection is "Eddie and the Cruisers".  While I watched it one night, a particular dialogue exchange perked my ears up.  A supporting character asked one of the lead ones if he'd "ever written that book" and the haunted, sad reply was "No.  No, I never got around to it."  That was the spark.  Right then, right there--on the evening of March 1, 2009--which happened to be my 44th birthday.

Q) Do you feel you have a specific writing style?
A) My first novel "Resolve And Retribution" and its sequel I'm in the process of writing now, "Returns And Reunions," are both written in first person format.  The reason I took that approach is because I want readers to see the plot develop from a single point of view--that's Ben's, my protagonist.  From the opening words forward, I want readers to realize they've seen my fictional lead character in one form or another in real life--and perhaps a facet or two of what makes him tick in themselves, too.  I want my writing to convey realism.  Sometimes we've got to simply chill out and listen up, then there are other situations we find ourselves in where it's as if we're strapped on a missile--plenty of thrust, no brakes.

Q) What do you do to conquer writer's block?
A) The first thing I do is remind myself to put things in perspective.  Compared to a bacterial infection that could have killed me within a week back in 1990, the annoyance of no words blinking on like light bulbs in my brain isn't exactly a big deal.  Then I may go for a hard core distance run over a course that incorporates every severe-angle hill I've climbed somewhere along its route, or watch another of my DVDs, or read fiction that may/may not be a match to the genre of story I'm working on.  No one gave me a writing assignment with a due date, no one's going to make me sit in a corner with a pointy dunce cap balanced on my head if a certain window of time elapses and I'm not done yet.  I started the whole process on my own in the first place, and frankly, it would be stupid to compromise my health by allowing stress to get the better of me.  I have an outline printed out (the old-school way, on a sheet of college-ruled tablet paper) of where I want my story to go, and, when I'm ready, all I have to do is look at it.  Then my fingertips go clickety-clack on my laptop's keyboard again.  No problem. 

Q) What can you tell us about your favorite character from your book?

A) Unlike Ben, an ordinary mortal who ages over the duration of "Resolve And Retribution," Tabitha is perpetually eighteen--an adult, but a girl is always ready to emerge in an instant, with any trait likely to take front and center:  brave, compassionate, funny, loyal, spontaneous, thoughtful, vengeful.  She embraces her status as a vampire--and in her devotion to Ben, she has no qualms at all in regard to using her supernatural abilities.  Oh, and she's an English petite female with long, jet-black hair.

Q) What book are you reading now?
A) "The Last Run" by Greg Rucka

Q) Can you share a little of your work with us?
A) Sure, I'd be glad to.  Here's an excerpt from "Resolve And Retribution," which is published by XLibris Corporation..

"You showed up early for Lilith's drama production," he noted.  "As in way too early."
"You DO realize she ain't gonna be happy, right?"
"Yep.  Shame on me!  I'm a BAD BOY," I acknowledged.
Both of us barely clapped our hands over our mouths in time as we desperately stifled the laughter which threatened to erupt from within us.
Joe sombered himself first.
"Hey, man.  Watch your six out there.  They find you, those rogue bloodsuckers won't be playin'."
"Suits me fine, my friend," I replied coldly as I carefully replaced the stakes in my sweatpants.  "Because I won't be either."

Q) Do you have any advice for other writers?
A) We all possess free will.  That's what gives us enormous creative potential.  Paying attention to what authors you respect have to say will serve you well, but--where the rubber meets the road--it all comes down to one elemental concept:  your book, your rules.

Q) Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
A) First and foremost, thank you.  There are multitudes of paranormal romance fiction stories on the market, and I'm sincerely grateful you got a copy of "Resolve And Retribution."  I'd ask readers to urge other vampire fans to watch its YouTube Book Video, which only lasts 51 seconds but summarizes the plot in a way that deploys fangs and sinks them in.  I wonder how many more will feel that need to read?

Thank you for chatting with us, Michael. Good luck with everything.

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