Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Fire Q&A With Author, Jeané Sashi!

Oh hooray! Who is excited for our favorite way to get to know our guests? Let's give a warm welcome to author, Jeané Sashi!

1). Coffee or tea?
  I prefer tea, but on very cold days and days when I need that extra boost, coffee is it.  I do enjoy a Caramel Frappacino (sp) with extra caramel and extra whipped cream.

2). Which celebrity would you questions asked?
Idris Elba would my dream husband.  I know I'm only dreaming, but his British accent matches his European look so well.

3). Favorite character from your books?
 My favorite character from my book, Intimate Moments, is the underdog, Marcus Anderson.  He is in love with the past and really doesn't want to give it up.  From The J Spot, it's Rhonda.  She knows she is out of place but keeps trying nonetheless.

4). What is your favorite dish to cook or order from a restaurant?
As I love too cook and bake, and prefer being in the kitchen as opposed to going out to eat, I love Italian dishes.  I enjoy making different variations of pasta.

5). Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I see myself signed with one of the top publishing companies in the business, and my name being that listed right along with Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins, E.L. James, J.K. Rowlings, Sylvia Day, etc.

Her freshman, debut novel, “Intimate Moments” was the start of her novel writing career.
Being a native of Los Angeles, California, now residing in Texas, Jeané Sashi always knew she would become an author, even as she was taking an unlikely path to that destination.
In 2010 her self-published manuals “Rebuilding You! Cleaning Up Your Credit…Yourself!” followed shortly by
“Considering a Home Based Business,” both which are eBooks and published under her full name, Jeané Elliott Bennett, were written while writing her first novel, “Intimate Moments”, which was originally published and released on May 16, 2011. She took a few short stories that she had written that were sitting in her computer for years and made them come to life in book form, which manifested the novel “Intimate Moments.”
Her second novel "The J Spot" was originally published and released on February 16, 2012; nine months after the release of her first novel, which is a spin off of "Intimate Moments".
She wanted to write books as entertaining as any book on the market, and have the book still be a page-turner. Within, it’s first month of being release, “Intimate Moments” received it’s first 5-star review on Amazon and another 5-star rating on Barnes and Noble.  Both novels have become 5-star reads.
To purchase the novels go to,,; they are listed under her pen name Jeané Sashi.

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