Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mature Audiences of 18+ (Looks Like Trouble to Me) Book Blast Blurb 
"Last name's Savage -- it means wild and uncontrolled," Jace, a party boy, yacht builder and skilled photographer with a quicksilver temper, tells the pretty waitress at Chica Rios. He's desperate to get laid, but there's something in the way of his driving, overactive libido and the girl standing before him - trouble...big trouble, and a whole lot of it, from the trustifarian prick who works by his side, to his messed up twin sister, to the secret hiding at his house.

He sets out to woo Zoé Dubois, keeping her away from his trouble at home, encouraging her to let go of her inhibitions and live "Savage style," riding with him on the back of his motorcycle, exploring the great outdoors in a variety of oh, so delectable and naughty ways.

He ends up with way more than he bargained for. He uses his sexual experience to teach Zoé how to surrender, and his strong will and single minded focus to get his way with her. But it turns out she's the kind of woman who demands the truth...and that's just not the way he rolls. She leverages his love for her to get him to let her into his troubled world and tender heart - something he's stubbornly determined to protect. Their passionate, erotic, romantic connection keeps them bound together while the trouble he brings threatens to tear them apart at every turn.

 Mature content for an audience of 18+

This is the best Calinda B book yet. I love the characters and the storyline. Calinda supplies laughter, angst, romance and sex. Jace and Zoe begin a rocky relationship and steadily build on their trust of each other. I look forward to seeing where the story goes next.”

5 stars:  
"Calinda B has done it again. She's found a way to make characters come alive and worm their way into your hearts. Jace Savage has had his share of troubles. He's run with the wrong crowd, played the field. dabbled in drugs, but that's all in the past. He has responsibilities and he's doing his best to turn his life around, at least until his sister cleans up her act and comes to get her daughter.

Zoe Dubois's a hard working student working her way through college in a field that excites her. She's on the right track when she meets Jace. She doesn't know what to do with him. He excites her like no one else can, but keeps the wrong company. There are a myriad of trust issues from her own life's journey.

Calinda brings these two together with passion, and from the start you wonder if it will be a relationship that will stand the test of time. So much angst, so much steam, so many strings that keep dragging the past into their path. As the first book of hopefully many more, this book lays the ground work with characters you love and characters that you'll love to hate. All in all, a great read!"
About the Author: 
Meet our guest, Calinda B, and join us tomorrow for her author feature!

An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist,
bestselling author Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990's. She has also explored crazy adventure including rock climbing, bending rebar with her throat, breaking boards with her hand, and firewalking. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and havoc wreaking. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two red-headed cats.

Her secret mission is to inspire the planet to be chock full of loving passion and she's doing her part by working on the fourth book in The Wicked Series, tentatively entitled A Wicked Ending, or the third book in The Beckoning Series, The Beckoning of Badass Things, or maybe those are done and she's working on.... She loves to write sexy books and does it daily.

"What an intriguing woman! We cannot wait to feature her tomorrow. See you there." -The Book Nymph

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