Sunday, June 15, 2014

Angry Robots Release!
Book Blurb:A group of antiquated robots have decided that they've had enough of being treated like 2nd-class citizens. Working together, they take over the sewage plant on Segnal Prime and start pumping the sludge back up into the buildings.

Seeing that this is bordering on a terrorist-level attack, Platoon F is sent in to regain control of the situation.

Captain Don Harr and his team of misfit androids, along with a snot-nosed political liason who has no military training whatsoever, must traverse the underground tunnel systems, take on dog-sized sewer rats, and wrestle control back of the plant while trying to maintain a semblance of sanity as they slosh through loads of crap.

Sometimes it's abundantly clear what the "F" in "Platoon F" truly means.

  Harr brought up a visual on his pad and showed them all the route.
“Tunnels?” said Jezden. “Tunnels full of shit?”
“No other way down there, ensign. Sandoo?”
“You take point. Lieutenant Laasel will follow in after you, and then Jezden.”
“All right,” said Jezden, rubbing his hands together.
“Scratch that,” said Harr, realizing that Jezden was going to spend the majority of his time trying to feel Laasel up. “I’ll follow Laasel. Johnson is behind me.”
Oh, brother.
“Jezden, you take up the rear.”
“I do not!”
Harr rolled his eye, catching the double-meaning that only someone of Jezden’s maturity would have heard. “I mean that you are the last one in the line, soldier!”
“Oh…right, okay.”

 Reviews for "Platoon F: The SSMC Reluctant", which is the first book in the "Platoon F" series and is what prompted writing "Angry Robots"

"A quick yet evenly paced outer space read with a very catchy end-to-end storyline, sprinkled with the perfect amount of tongue-in-cheek wit to keep it light at all the right intervals. Very easy and entertaining read, with a steady amount of chuckles! Can't wait to read more of his work..." - Amazon Reviewer

Very fun short book . The path it takes is imaginative and fun finally a new idea in sy fy" - Amazon Reviewer

About the Author:
 Connor London is somewhat of a duplicitous fellow. He has ties in both the east and west coast of the United States, though he also seen his fair share of Europe and the Caribbean.

He writes naughty/goofy fiction and prides himself on being irreverent.

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