Saturday, June 14, 2014

Calinda B. **Quick Fire**

 Name a fun way to get to know an author...


Ok friends, here goes! Let's learn a bit about romance author, Calinda B. in a super fun way!

Coffee or tea?
"Jasmine tea, always."

Favorite romance novel?
"Hmm. This Man series."
Who is your favorite character from a book you've written?
 "Jace Savage!"

Which celebrity would you questions asked?
 "Brad Pitt."

Cruise or safari?
 "Safari. Can't stand cruises."

Mountains or beach?
 "Why choose?"
Can you cook? 
 What's your best dish? 
"I have many. Vegan eggplant parmesagna (sp) is a current fave."
Favorite subject in high school?
 First kiss, good or bad?
 "Ew! I was 5yrs old! Next kiss? Age 16. Yum!"
Favorite song 
 "Changes all the time. Been humming Usher's Good Kisser a lot."

Thank you, Calinda B. That was a ton of fun!

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