Friday, June 27, 2014

Author Feature with Kenya Moss-Dyme

Kenya Moss-Dyme is a writer of fiction, originally from Chicago, now hailing from Michigan - land of the subzero winters and nuclear summers. She began writing short-form horror in her teens and won several scholastic writing awards for her creative work. She later realized a talent for also writing thrillers and erotic novellas.

"The only genres in which I don't feel comfortable writing are comedy and romance. Whenever I try to write a romantic story, it ends up turning dark and the couple will go from taking marriage vows to going on a crime spree! So I tend to stay away from those genres altogether."

Kenya has several exciting projects in development for 2014, including a novel about an urban zombie apocalypse, a horror anthology and a few stories that are a bit on the risqué side.

"I love zombies and the supernatural! But there's nothing scarier to me than HUMANS and the unimaginable depths of depravity of which we are capable. You see it in the news every day and you ask yourself, 'what kind of monster...?' That's what I love to explore in my writing, characters that are like the people you think you know - but you really don't know after all. I create them - and then I like to set them free - does that sound a little strange?"

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