Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing author, Adam Dreece of the Emergent Steampunk Series, The Yellow Hoods **Author Feature**

The Book Nymph Introduces Author, Adam Dreece of the Emergent Steampunk Series, The Yellow Hoods 

For 25 years, Adam wrote short stories that he only shared with friends and family. Like many people, he put his career first, and writing second. In 2009 when his appendix nearly killed him, he found himself struck with horrific abdominal pain that seemed never ending. Fifteen months later, after a surgery to explore for, and remove, scar tissue reduced the pain to a manageable, chronic level, he started writing a memoir. Nearly six months later, once again back at work but this time with writing always having a place in his life, he found himself hit with sudden, severe asthma. It was as if a switch had been flipped, and Adam found himself once again trying to figure out which way was up.

Two years later, with the memoir going through editing, Adam decided it needed to sit a while. The challenges he’d faced had made him more driven, more focused, more appreciative of the time that he had. With the support of his wife, on November 28th, 2013 he made a plan to be a full time author in five years. On January 4th, he started writing a story at the request of his daughter that became book 1 of The Yellow Hoods.

Adam lives with his amazing wife and three awesome kids. He’s very active on Twitter, and loves engaging with fellow readers and writers. He regularly helps fellow writings.

He lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Adam Dreece
Author of emergent Steampunk series  The Yellow Hoods
Young Adult written for everyone

Book 1 - Along Came a Wolf at AmazonAmazon.caKoboSmashwords, The Yellow Hoods Store
Book 2 - Breadcrumb Trail at AmazonAmazon,.ca,  KoboSmashwords, The Yellow Hoods Store

Twitter: @AdamDreece


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